Jack’d latest app update: Asians not welcome

If you’re gay and want to get laid (or find your soulmate) you’ve probably heard of Grindr or Jack’d. They’re the early ones, have very large user bases, and a world-wide reach. Anybody who’s traveled knows that you can find a hookup pretty much anywhere using one of those apps.

Now, despite the wide-reaching audience, certain groups gravitate towards certain apps, such as Scruff for bears, or Recon for BDSM. It’s no secret that Asians and their Rice Queen admirers have flocked to Jack’d.

The makers of Jack’d recently spiffed up their app to stay ahead of the competition. There’s a slick new interface and new features designed up from the ground up. There’s even a new welcome screen with a rotating carousel of hot guys. It all looks very nice, except for one little omission… no Asians.

Yes, in a spectacular display of white bias, the makers of Jack’d couldn’t be bothered to include a single picture of a gay Asian on their welcome screen, despite the fact that the app is basically a giant, steaming rice cooker.

Out of five pictures, there are precisely zero Asians. You have two white guys, a Latino, a black guy, and even a guy who appears to be mixed. Surely you say this could just be an unconscious omission in no way intended to snub gay Asians, but I have a hard time believing that given their efforts to be racial diverse.

The majority of the world’s population (60%) is Asian yet they couldn’t be bothered to include a single one. Maybe the makers of Jack’d are uncomfortable that we’re the biggest users of their app and want to shed their rice paddy reputation.

87 thoughts on “Jack’d latest app update: Asians not welcome

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    1. I have to admit that is true. Asians are quick to scream racism when it affects them, yet ignorant when it comes to dealing with their own internal biases.

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  9. hi, thanks for raising these issues … but a few quibbles. I don’t use Grinder but have used online chat rooms and find that chats often go nowhere, so maybe some people interested in a quick description and photo lose interest once they chat more. the point being that deeper friendships and relationships may be less reliant on race. Not sure about this and it may be hard to quantify. Another thing, a lot of posts mention how easy it is for Caucasians to meet guys in Asia. This is true but there is also an entertainment industry in Bangkok and other large cities that caters to tourists, so it’s also about money … not just race. On a personal note I recall falling crazily in love with a guy in my late 20s. Thought he was French Canadian at first but he was half Japanese and half Belgian. There is great diversity of appearances among all races and simple descriptions of race may be irrelevant. I agree that it is sad that what was once a liberation movement tolerates the denigration of Asian men and I can understand that this can infuriate you.

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