The Jack’d Racism Study: Asians are as Racist as Whites

Jack'dIt’s a well known fact that gay white guys generally prefer to date other gay white guys. Gay Asians know it all too well, but we’re mostly complaining in our own echo chamber while white guys party on.

But there’s another form of subtle racism that we rarely talk about – gay Asians discriminate against themselves in favor of whites.

I’ve seen many an Asian stricken by potato fever, but I wanted more than just anecdotal evidence. So I dug around for some data, turning to Jack’d, one of the most popular gay mobile dating apps. After going through 200 profiles, I was shocked at what I found.

Jack’d is a treasure trove of data

Ok, so where is this Jack’d data? As an unpaid user, you only see other guy’s reply rates, however if you cough up the dough for a Pro subscription, you get access to statistics showing which age groups, scenes (twinks, bears, etc.) and races another user is interested in. There are two features in Jack’d that are used to tabulate a user’s racial preference: Match and Favorite.

For Match, Jack’d shows you random profiles of people in your city and you either click Interested, Not Interested or Skip. The Favorite button bookmarks guys you like while you’re browsing. When you Favorite a guy, he’ll be saved in your Favorites folder and he’ll get notified of it.


I randomly picked 100 Asian guys and 100 white guys who were last online in San Francisco.

San Francisco, the gayest city in the US, was a natural choice for this study. The city is 34.4% Asian and 41.6% non-Hispanic white. Because both races are roughly equally represented in the city, one can study their preferences for each other without having to account for Asians being a small minority, which they are in most of the US.

To ensure a reliable sample, every profile needed to have a face picture and a plausible age (i.e. not 99). They also had to have an interest in at least two different age groups and two different scenes in order to select for people who’ve used the Match and Favorite features extensively. I wanted to target only San Francisco residents so I excluded anyone whose profile said they were visiting.

Diversity of Jack’d Users

I picked a random point in central San Francisco and counted all Jack’d users within a one mile radius. This one mile radius covers a diverse array of neighborhoods in the city, with bits of the Mission, the Castro, the Haight, SoMa and the Tenderloin.

Jack'd Study Area
I counted the number of Jack’d users of each race within a one mile radius of a random point in San Francisco

You might be wondering how well Jack’d users represent the whole rainbow of races out there. It turns out that Jack’d users in central San Francisco form quite a colorful rainbow.

Race Breakdown of Jack'd Users

One might say that Asians are over-represented on Jack’d, which isn’t surprising given Jack’d’s reputation as an Asian-heavy app. If anything, the over-representation of Asians is a good thing because if we observe a bias against Asians, it can’t be attributed to their low numbers.

Determining Racial Preference

For each of the 100 Asian and 100 white guys I studied, I recorded their age, reply rate and the ethnicity distribution of guys they’re interested in.

For example, we can see in the following example that 92% of the guys Freddie’s interested in are Asian, 5% are Pacific Islanders, and the remaining 3% are split between Middle Eastern, Mixed and Other. He’s never Favorited a white, Latino or black profile.

Jack'd Insight Example
Example Jack’d Insight Race Data for a user

After recording the ethnicity preferences of 100 Asian and 100 white profiles, I analyzed the data to see if I could find any obvious patterns. It didn’t take long…

Asians and Whites both avoid Asians

It turns out that both white and Asian men are somewhat allergic to Asians.

Jack'd Users Racism

Not many rice eaters

There’s a strong bias against Asians. A significant proportion of white guys (40%) and Asians (29%) are never interested in Asians. That jives with OkCupid’s data showing that 43% of gay whites preferred to date their own race.

Plenty of potato love

Whites don’t have many haters. The vast majority of white and Asian guys are interested in white guys to at least some degree. I’ve heard many white men complain about sticky Asians, but the fact is that 93% of Asians are open to dating a white guy.

Whites prefer whites, but Asians prefer whites even more

A person prefers a race if 51% of the guys that person is interested in are of that race.

Jack'd Users Racial Preferences

Asians have a stronger preference for white guys than white guys have for each other

The majority of gay Asians, 57%, prefer to date white guys. By contrast, only 45% of white guys prefer to date other whites. Also remember that 40.1% of users are Asian and 28.2% whites. The supply and demand dynamics are incredibly unbalanced and quite frankly sad. Why do Asians have such a gravitation towards potatoes?

Quantifying Rice Queens and Potato Queens

Let’s raise the bar even higher and see what happens when we try and pick out the rice queens and potato queens. A rice/potato queen is someone who prefers Asian/white 70% of the time or more.

Jack'd Rice Queens and Potato Queens

Can you say potato addiction?

41% of gay Asians are potato queens. Gay Asians really, really love white guys. Almost half of gay Asians love white guys to the point where it’s an obsession. Compare this to only 18% of gay white men are rice queens. This is great news if you’re a white guy who eats rice.

Rice queens have the upper hand

A couple weeks ago I argued that the Gaysian dating world is stacked in favor of rice queens. Now we have the numbers to back that up. For every rice queen, there are 2.3 potato queens. White guys have their pick, but Asians have to settle for whatever they can get.

The only way all those gay Asians will settle with white men is to lower their standards and date older and/or less attractive white men. There’s no other way all those gay Asians’ desires can be accommodated.

Echoes of the Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment

I’ve put all the numbers we’ve seen so far onto one chart.

Jack'd Echoes of Grindr Experiment


Notice that Asians and whites both prefer white guys by a substantial margin: the white guy is always more desirable than the Asian by a factor of 1.5-2x.

If you remember my Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment from a while back, you’ll recall that a hot white guy can expect 1.5-2x as many Grindr messages as a similarly endowed Asian. That’s almost identical to the margin by which Jack’d users prefer whites over Asians.

Asians are racist too

We often think of racism and discrimination as something whites are guilty of. But it turns out Asians are equally guilty of discriminating against themselves. You might write off the racism of whites as simply a preference for dating people who look like themselves, but how do you explain the preferences of gay Asians?

At least in the minds of gay Asians, white men are the gold standard of beauty and desirability. Maybe it’s an unavoidable consequence of growing up in American culture, where seeing almost nothing but whites on movie screens and fashion runways has indoctrinated us to the idea that only whites are attractive.

You might think that gay Asians, having grown up with the dual stigma of being both a racial and sexual minority, would be more open-minded than your average person. Some certainly seem to think they are:

jackd-open-minded-asian jackd-not-open-minded-asian

Oops. I guess he meant to say he’s open-minded unless you’re Asian. 😉

I once said that gay Asians have no realistic chance of dating a hot white guy their own age. It turns out they might have the same struggles finding a hot Asian their own age too.

199 thoughts on “The Jack’d Racism Study: Asians are as Racist as Whites

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      1. You say that now but majority of Asians are looking for white men to the point to where they will sell their own mother just to get one. Now you may not like that but that’s the way that it is. And I’ve experienced as a black gay man more racism from gay Asians. How do you explain that?

    1. this this just about few asians, not all asians want white people, the east asians might, but not koreans, korean gays generally prefer non western esp white cuz white ppl generally dont take shower that often and smell like crap and they still behave arrogantly and talk shit about asian food that i smells bad, know what? they smell like rotten meat.

      1. That’s not true… KOREANS are the worst… they are even MORE RACIST than any white person will ever be! KOREANS hate everything and anyone that is not like them! They especially hate Black/African American people because of the color of their skin! And they hate Blacks but LOVE the money that they get from minority communities! They sell bad food, expired food products behind their plexiglass dirty,filthy shops… they also sell rotten food to HISPANIC/LATINO communities also
        I stopped doing business with them many,many years ago because their shops are filthy, greasy, smelly places that I wouldn’t let my dog eat…

        1. I don’t think that Koreans are the worst but I do think they are the worst in terms of dating as they want it to always be on their own terms. I think that Chinese men are the most racist. I mean these guys practice white worship to an art form. But I do think that Koreans hate black people in general. I too have stopped doing business with them as well. But Asians should not seek black people to support them when they are even more racist than white people. Also, gay Asians would do well to curb their racist tendencies but they won’t. They are just as racist as white gay men

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  6. So, you imply in this article that older is less attractive.. interesting that you not so subtly perpetuate this stereotype (after continually complaining about other stereotypes). Physical attraction (in a gay or straight relationship of any type) usually lasts a few weeks before it wears off and you see other things oh like personality, etc. Then, what do you do?

    My partner, an Asian twink and Canadian born, is 18 years 3 weeks younger than I; I am 45, average weight for 6’2″. His previous partner when he was 21 was 58. Both the older guys are white. I am lower middle class or upper lower class while the 58 year old is a wealthy attorney.

    I asked him why he liked white men over non-whites (because since I like all races as long as they are a good kisser (I discriminate on this point 100%). He stated he likes older white men because of their culture (he was born in 1988) such as 70’s and early 80’s media, that they are usually hairy and bearded and/or with facial hair. He also claims their maturity (but I will tell you I’m not that mature; I’m not ready to grow up just yet). I then stated there are quite a few Asians that have these characteristics to varying degrees; he stated that they would not give him the time of day (because he is a twink; admittedly, I don’t normally like twinks). I found that last point interesting in it’s own right.

  7. Not just race wise, all other people like : Old, Fat, Chub, OW, Disabled or any non-attractive people, are also against, no matter what race..this discrimination have to stop..AT ALL COST!! humans are ALL equal.

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  9. ok guys lets not get too angry here. its freedom of expression here.
    Lets be clear. I am a pretty good looking asian man (Lets just assume if u dont believe or think im arrogant). I do get quite a bit of responses from white guys around my own age too, 20-30 years old and decent looking. But the thing that this article points out and is true is that, even as a good looking asian man, we still dont get as many responses from other people compared to good looking white man.

    This is the part that blows my mind. Yes, it is understandable that people want to look for good looking mates or partners, but many (in this case, white and asian) do prefer white even acknowledging the fact that some asian dudes r really buff, handsome and well endowed between their legs too. (Yes it is true, imagine just 1% of asian r huge, thats still millions of us we r talking about).

    I also acknowledge the fact that many asians r smaller built, thin, short and lets be honest, many of our faces are kinda dorky and geeky. HOWEVER, lets not throw away the fact that any race do have their top portion of great looking people. But seems that nowadays nobody give a damn about whether u r good looking or not, but it is more important what u race is. This is bad

    U may think i am arrogant, but this is not the point here, the point is, like what the author suggests, even good looking asian man is 1.5-2x less likely to get people’s acknowledgement than white counterparts. Well i would actually believe the rate is somewhat higher.

    To add on to this, good looking white male rarely acknowledge asian men, even to good looking asian men.

    I think everybody just wants to get a taste of Thor or Captain America nowadays. Great white look. 🙂

    I want to add on, we are under the great influence of hollywood effect where they have the mainstream entertainment influence over the world and often we subconsciously think, if not we know, that great white look is the standard of beauty as the author suggested. It is hard, to be gay asian, whether u r good looking or not. I am great looking asian man, trust me, ive done lots of international modeling, abercrombie and local Hongkong tv and commercials. But it does not change the fact that, we r living in a world or racial preference (im not sure if this is consider as racism or not), and many asian men have to settle for whatever they can get, aka old and ugly white gay men like author pointed out.

    It is sad. I dunno what to do neither. But at least, to increase your chance, go to the gym and look more aesthetically appealing to more people. YES, it is absolutely shallow, it really is. But isnt this a more practical and realistic approach to increase your chance? I do get many responses from white men around my age (20-30 years old) not a problem, but again, the best looking mainstream goood looking white men are more likely to respond to other good looking white men than to me a good looking asian man.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Your response is far more lucid, intelligent and though-provoking than the AngryHomosexual’s opening post. Thanks for (mis)using the “racist” label anywhere in your message.

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  12. Okay, as a black male (and im not a top. Surprise!) I deal with racial biases too, but probably not severe as East Asians on gay dating sites. So I sort of understand. My input might have little meaning, but hear me out:

    Considering that we grow up in a society that constantly puts beauty on white men, INCLUDING the lgbtq community? It makes a lot of sense. My opinion, but the gay community only highlights those who are white, gay, cis-gendered, and chiseled with muscles. Everyone else is just gum on the sidewalk.

    Asian men are so emasculated and undervalued in American society and media, and the porn industry is far worse by doing nothing but treating them like medication-bottoms for white tops with yellow fever (aka rice queens, but I find that term offensive). There was also a recent study held on the most popular dating sites that showed that East Asian men get the worst reviews. It’s disgusting and I’ll probably never understand how it feels, but this is why I don’t blame Asians who want to exclusively date other Asians. If anything, I actually encourage it, because this article here? This isn’t the way to go. It will be a matter of time before some poor guy settles for some average white joe who just fetishes him for racially charged reasons. Eventually won’t turn out good at all. Asian fetishization isn’t something to be looking for. And I’m sorry, but I don’t suggest going to the gym solely to “increase your chances of getting a ‘good looking white guy.'” Because, then you’re still perpetuating the idea that you have to walk the moon and back for a white guy like Chris Evans. If anything, just do it for yourself if its what you want. If the racial pressure has done some real damage, you can work on your internal conflicts and self esteem! You can’t be submissive to this type of treatment because it also enforces the “model minority” myth (google that)!

    I use to be like this when I was around 17-19 years old, but after I started seeing how racist their profiles can be and how they still achieve being the epitome of beauty even when they’re painfully mediocre looking like Bradley Cooper, It triggers me. Even if I am attracted to them I still don’t message because I’m scared of what they might say.

    I sort of became a social liberal after high school, so once I started realizing how unappreciated a lot of Asian men (and many others) were in the media I began to find them VERY attractive. I just really hope that a lot of Asian men realize that this isn’t the way to go. Start by focusing on/wanting the best for yourself! Try to un-warp yourself and realize that its all smoke and mirrors done by mainstream media. The way of countering it isn’t by going to the gym in hopes of getting a white guy…its learning how to push those ideals aside. Trust, me I’ve been through it and I feel much more comfortable in my skin than I did years ago .

    1. Also, I would like to add that you guys should read the “The Asian vs White Grindr experiment: Why it’s great to be White!” article on here. Its a prime example why changing yourself to be something superficial doesn’t make much of a difference in this racist society. Don’t, I repeat, DON’T do it for other people. Do it for yourself and yourself only.

  13. I’m wondering if there aren’t a number of issues operating here. The first would be looks/physical attraction, the second would be cultural differences, a third would be masculine/feminine assumptions, and a fourth might be iconography.

    People look at your Asian selfie and either are attracted to it or not. That’s physical attraction, and there’s just no accounting for taste. Next people might also ask themselves, “what do I have in common with Asians?” Asian culture, traditionally, has very different mores, beliefs and rhythms than someone from a modern white American culture. While Americans are anything but xenophobic (we’re a culture based on pluralism, after all) I still wouldn’t discount the perspective that “Asians aren’t’ really like us” and come from a distant, foreign culture that is very different than cornfed American culture.

    Next people looking at your grindr profile might assume, through stereotypes, that you’re going to be too feminine or delicate, and I can say that when I was in college and coming out, all the gay queens I knew WERE very effeminate, and that reality has always stayed in the back of my mind, for better or for worse.

    And finally Americans just aren’t used to seeing Asians as role models. Even if you’re a hyper assimilated Asian, chances are you won’t be a talk show host or a sports figure or the star of some teen show, so there’s no foundation for seeing Asians as strong, active, contributing people. They’re just sort of “background noise”. Which is terribly unfortunate.

    Does all that make sense? I don’t think it’s just one thing, attraction, that is at play here. I think it’s a number of issues that, for better or for worse, Asian men and women will have to keep fighting. Fighting for freedom, fighting for acknowledgement, and fighting for representation.

  14. I’m gonna let you in on a big secret here. HERE IT IS…… Everybody really wants what they can’t have. So if I were Asian (which I’m not ). I’d put in my profile something like “other asians +++, white guys not so much” I learned years ago that if you want to attract someone for sex, you have to act like you could care less about them ( but in a friendly, nice way ) I have had sex with 10,000 hot young men, so I know how it works. Not that I’ll screw anyone, I turned down 50,000…. Oh yeah, I’m still here because of that little deformity on my CCR5 receptors …. 1 % of white people have it, the ultimate white privilege.

    1. An “8.5” compared to other Asians? You sound like you need your head examined. It sounds as if you are advertising yourself based on the hatred of your own kind. You say that your dating experiences with other younger Asians are non-existent and with older Asians as well because your “not attracted to them.” You sound like a white guy trying to come off as cool when your not. Noticeably absent are: Latinos and African Americans. This is where 95% of Asians make their mistake! They chase after a bunch of crinkled up white men who in turn chase after black men because we are MUCH more sexually advanced. Selc confidence issues? That’s YOUR problem but to be honest, you sound as if you are a PART of the problem. You are as bigoted as majority of the gay Asians even if you don’t want to admit it! Again, another issue that gay Asians don’t want to deal with but you need to stop blaming white men when it’s Asians that are just as racist!

  15. This assumes that Jack’d is a random sample of Asian men. But it’s an app that Asian guys use to meet White guys, and vice versa. You’d get a really different result if you used another app like Blued, which skews more towards Asians looking for Asians.

    1. Don’t even try it. We all know that Asians what dorky looking white men. THis is the reason we (black men) do not like the hook up websites. Please spare us white boy. THanks in advance

  16. C’est la vie. Some problems in life, there ain’t no solution. So why dwell upon it?

    If you really wanna get all angsty, consider the sweet deal a hot, young, rich, white, straight (or even better, genuinely bi) male gets in life. Try it, play the envy game, it’s buckets of fun! You’ll drive yourself nuts just thinking about it!

  17. I think the problem of white guys is that they put it out there in public. It is okay if you have a preference, but you don’t need to shout out your preference so everybody can hear it. Even when I am not interested in this guy at all, when I see him saying on profile, “No Asians please”, it really offends me and my self-esteem. In one case, I even saw, “If you are Asian, please block me. Let’s make things easier for everyone.”

  18. I have to really comment on this because I did get a little bit of a knot in my stomach when I read the article not because it’s false and misinformed but because it’s very true.

    If I had to rate my looks, and I don’t want to sound conceited, I would have to say 8 – 8.5 compared to other Asians. I’m 5’8, 5’9, I’m trying to get myself into shape, I have a fairly okay to decent body with some belly fat, but if I did gain a lot of muscles which I’m trying to and if I were to be a few inches taller, I could probably get a 9.5/10, again compared to other Asians. And I do have a fairly decent dick size.

    First and foremost, I am attracted to Asian men. I just don’t see them as often as I would like. I have an older friend who’s White absolutely loves Asians, at times, I’m surprised when he points them out and I’m looking at them and I just don’t always see it. If I would have to choose, I would say I’m mostly attracted to other Filipinos, I am Filipino myself, and biracial Asians.

    My experience with other gay Asian men isn’t great. Older Asians are definitely a turn off, all of them have fairly thick accents and absolutely have no manners and restraints. My experiences with other younger Asian men is non-existent, I’m 31, I do get a fair amount of Asians messaging me in different apps and sites but most of them, I wouldn’t respond. (I rarely meet guys online anyways)

    And with White guys, it’s definitely an array of experiences. I do receive a lot of messages from older White guys, decent amount in their 30s, hardly any in their 20s. So I do get to meet a lot of older white men compared to the millennials.

    So in my long experience in interacting, meeting people and through online portals, as a gay Asian I believe that our confidence and self-esteem do get away from potentially meeting quality guys. As a gay Asian unless you are beautiful or have no racial basies and lower standards, online dating apps/website could work for you, but everybody in between, it just is not compatible for a lot of us, you could probably meet a few but overall not amazing experiences which is what we want and expect.
    Growing up as a gay Asian in America is tough. But we just really have to look and meet people in the real world not online. We have to rely on our personality and wit but we do need confidence and higher self esteem to pull it off. I’ve actually gotten many many looks and stares throughout the years, yet I’ve never actually engaged or try to speak and talk to them. I’ve even got a hot dude be completely nude in front of me, it looks like he was showing off to me in the gym locker, but I just got confused and did not respond and walked away. Yeah, I suck… But that definitely brings my point, we have to be really socially engaging and force ourselves to be in a situation that we may or may not get rejected. I’m working on it, lol.

    So overall, online dating isn’t made for gay Asians. We just have to meet people in the real world. We have to depend on our confidence and social skills to meet men and not rely in online.

  19. This guy seems very bitter about his own sexual life and project that onto pseudo (fake) sociological discussions. And this is all too common among great many social studies majors and their wannabes griping about their poor social life and banal desires. Iis certainly true that any ethnic group has its own hang ups and can be more properly educated. But this guy’s own jealous biases and banal desires are equally palpable throughout the blog.

  20. As an Asian who is generally attracted to Caucasian men, I can tell you what I find attractive and it’s not as much the appearance as it is the personality / culture.

    I grew up as a Canadian surrounded by mostly Caucasians. This is what I generally relate to. I’m not as attracted to those I don’t really relate to. I’m a guy who happens to be gay so no matter your ethnicity, I’m not attracted to men who not particularly masculine. As a Canadian, no matter your ethnicity, I personally find that if your culture doesn’t quite mesh with my beliefs, I’m less attracted to you. I’m not typically attracted to Asians but have often found myself attracted to an Asian who is masculine and culturally North American.

    What this means is, it’s less about race and more to do with culture… for me at least. I can guarantee you that if you go to an Asian country and do this study, Asian gay men will prefer other Asian gay men over any other ethnicity. It has more to do with where you feel you fit in the best.

  21. As a Canadian resident (for over a decade) and Asian, I actually found people who are searching for the balance between their own heritage and the mainstream North American values to be extremely attractive. This process is usually a very difficult journey, so I found such people to be extremely tough and strong. This is why I admire many queer Muslims and black folks. On the other hand, people who deny their heritage is a huge turn-off for me, and this is what I am really afraid to see from fellow (East) Asian men, because I actually have friends who have such mentality, and it really pains me to see them think this way.
    To me, my (Chinese) heritage, language ability, and cross-cultural experiences are what make me stand out from the crowd and contribute to my friend circles, and I am really grateful to have a very diverse friend groups. How I feel might have to do with the fact that I come from an artistic background that actually encourages me to be critical, expressive, and different. As a result, I admire those who explores the difficult topics of cross-cultural identities, because I think the process is very artistic and avant-garde. After all, there are many similarities existing between different cultures, if you look at the root of complex problems and try to understand the human instincts and emotions behind them.
    At last, I’d like to point out that old shouldn’t equal or imply less attractive. There are many very attractive and sexy older men, and some are past their 50s. If you are a young (Asian) man in love with an older man, you can still be a very lovely couple, and no one should take it away from you.

    (Anyways, thank you for opening up this discussion. I was doing research on the topic and nevertheless, the article is very useful).

    1. I see that you avoid the question of when Asian are bigoted towards anyone else that isn’t white. As a black gay man, I can tell you that I have felt the sting of racism from Asians almost as much as white. You guys like black men to experiment but you are taught to “go where the money is” and in your small minds, you chose white over any other race. You have a group of diverse friends but you would never date a black man

  22. You people (Asians) are angry for no reason. It’s not like you people aren’t bigoted yourselves. You would rather sleep with some white guy who treats you like dirt than to rather give other races a chance. It’s well known that you all do not like black men as you think that we are inferior to you and white men. So get off of your high horse. It’s nothing to see an Asian (younger) guy with an older (white) guy. You all would pimp your mother for a white guy and then turn around and discriminate against your own kind for a white guy so this conversation should be done. I wish that I could get my name taken off of this junk!

    1. Hey! That was really mean. I don’t blame the AsAm community. You have to blame the stereotypes and biases perpetuated by white media. It’s their fault. They’ve trained people to become so docile with this stuff they don’t even question. And the same could be said for black men because I see them do it all the time…not with race per se, but more towards people who aren’t macho looking whether they’re a little heavyset or thin.

      1. You say that it was really mean but it’s true and it’s accurate. If you go to Los Angeles especially within the gay community gay Asians are literally prostituting themselves just to be around fat smelly white men who really don’t want to be with them. We all know that they will do anything to fit into the white world so let’s not pretend otherwise. You know that. Yeah they have trained people to be docile but Asians also choose to be that way because in their minds they think that white is right and everything else is wrong. But again you know this. You say you see black men doing this all the time well I see it mostly with Asians. And what Asians don’t realize is that white men will only tolerate them for a short while before they start to seek out something much more bigger if you know what I mean.

        1. Yes it is true..Asians will do ANYTHING to fit into WHITE society!
          ANYTHING… It’s amazing. You see Fine, hot, VERY attractive Asian men with OLD, WRINKLED, FAT, Plain looking WHITE men. I live in Washington DC and I see it all the time.. Asian men stop selling yourself short with these white men… Asian men NEVER give other races a chance or even a glance …
          It’s hilarious 😂

          1. Then they want to sit there and act as if all of us minorities are “in this together” Then they want to cry “racism” when they are doing the same thing. So, no I don’t feel sorry for Asians at all because they are just as racist as white men and even more so to a large degree. Did you notice the silence when this is pointed out?

          2. Yes I see this all the time with ASIAN men… with Asians in general… they are worse than whites more racist than they will ever be…. they cry about how much they are minority’s but whenever it suits them they have and will continue to be the WHITE MANS LAP DOGS!
            Sorry to be so harsh but it’s true… the only time that they have contact with another race is when they do business in their dirty shops!
            Other races especially the Black/African American should avoid these businesses at ALL COSTS!
            Stop spending money with people who DO NOT RESPECT YOU!

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