5 Signs a Gay White Man is a Rice Queen

Gay Asians Rice Queens
A typical rice queen has many bowls of rice vying for his attention

A rice queen is both a friend and a foe for the gay Asian man. On one hand he represents the opportunity to be with a white man, something so many gay Asians crave. On the other hand, due to the fundamental imbalance in the Asian-White dating market, a relationship is unlikely to last.

A rice queen is a gay white man who primarily or exclusively dates gay Asian men.

Every gay Asian man needs to be on high alert for rice queens. Either you’ll end up with an ugly one that nobody else wants, or you’ll constantly be fighting to keep him because there are umpteen other attractive gay Asians jostling for his attention.

It’s rare that a rice queen will admit to being one, but with a little bit of common sense and detective work, you’ll soon be a rice queen identifying expert.

Five signs a gay white man is a rice queen

1. He messaged you first

If a gay white man messages an Asian first, he’s probably a rice queen.

Most gay white men don’t date Asians. But a small number of them, usually the most open-minded ones, have their first Asian experience. Then they become hooked to the Asian’s boyish, youthful looks and smooth, hairless body.

By the time he messages you, you’re not his first and definitely won’t be his last gay Asian adventure.

2. He has a lot of Asian friends

Asians are everywhere and it’s nice to see interracial friendships blossoming. But if a disproportionate number of his friends are Asians, there’s something more than random selection going on.

Further, if his profile picture features him as the only white guy among two or more Asians, you’ve got a smoking gun on your hands.

He’s probably slept with many of these “friends” in the past. If you get involved, chances are you’ll become part of his vast trophy collection. “Yup, had him.”

3. His profile picture was taken in Asia

Taipei 101, a popular background for rice queen profile pictures
Taipei 101, a popular background for rice queen profile pictures

The Great Wall? Taipei 101? The Tokyo subway?

Asia is a rice queen’s mecca. From the moment he steps off the plane and switches on Jack’d, his phone is on the brink of exploding with welcomes and invitations from gay Asians barely old enough to drive. No matter how old or ugly a rice queen is, he’s a movie star in Asia.

Visiting Asia is a rite of passage for rice queens. Those with the means will generally return at least once a year. Rice queens who frequently travel to Asia are the most dangerous type, as they’re gleefully aware of how replaceable you are.

4. He has Chinese characters in his profile

He might have a Chinese name or slip a few Chinese movie or book titles in his interests. In extreme cases whole sections of his profile may be in Chinese characters, which you may not even be able to read. These rice queens are among the most sophisticated out there. He probably speaks Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai/Vietnamese etc. better than you.

Run… don’t walk away. Here’s a rice queen who’s so experienced at his art he’s learned to do it in your language.

5. He’s a lot older than you

A rice queen could be around your age, but chances are he’ll be at least 10 years older than you. Since his desirability only drops slightly with age, a rice queen can, even at fairly advanced ages, land himself a Grade A gay Asian.

You’ve been warned

Now get out there and have fun. Just don’t complain to me when your Asian youth has worn off and you’ve been cast into the rust heap section of the bar where no white man will touch you with a ten foot dildo. I told you so. 🙂

142 thoughts on “5 Signs a Gay White Man is a Rice Queen

  1. The problem is not just in US but Europe too. It is a shame that some or most Asians perpetuate this by only going with whites!

  2. Oh boy. .. It reminds of Buddha words, Don’t blame on the results, blame on the causes. We are the one that creating our own universe; if we think White men are the best, then they are. Please take this article for granted–It is just for entertainment purpose. The author should blame on, how our society advocating only the western beauties, how we Asian men fondling only White men, and we are racist against anything but Whites (admit it). Please, hold your breath and avert your thought from the main stream medias, and you will see that there are out there–big black cocks for you.

  3. i like asian boys.and ive read a lot of these articles. Obviously written by bitter heart broken asian boys who came accross that ‘type’ of white guy..
    Wheres the article about asian boys using attractive white guys merely as trophies or something on their arm to show off?… Goes both ways. And dont generalize. Especially about the IQ’s fella’s. Dont be niave

  4. I am white, reasonably good looking (not fat or wrinkly, full head of dark hair, many locals guess my age as 25-30) and 36, living in China and what you say is correct.

    In my defence, I didn’t want to come to China, It just worked out that way, before I came here I wasn’t really into Asians, although I had slept with a few.

    Now, though, being surrounded by Asian males all day every day, I have become very fond of the Asian form, and as you said, here many Chinese see me as an ‘experience’, they use me as much as I use them.

    I do know the sort of guys you are talking about, I knew one through a friend in London, he would go to Thailand every year to get fucked by big cocked Thai boys, in London, he had a never ending line of young Asian boys pass through his bed, and he is nearing 50, although he does look a lot younger.

    I will have to see once I leave China whether this ‘yellow fever’ abates, if it doesn’t, then, maybe I’ve become a rice queen too??

    1. You strike me as being someone who would vote FN or SD. Wouldn’t you feel more at home in Fascist Europe than in Northeast Asia

  5. What you said is true. Rice queen treat asian like trophies. Its just like an angler fishing in a pond without having to cast a bait because those fishes are going to jump inside the boat. The smaller fish will get toss right back to the lake once the bigger fish jumped in. I as asian have stop hoping for a relationship with white guy because there is always bigger fish out there. I will never be with white guy anymore because it sucks to be treated like that. I am just a small fish or “lesser grade” that will not jump inside the boat again. Lesson learnt.

    1. Aznboy it seems to me you’ve been swimming in a polluted pond. Maybe you should find a better pond, or a nice big crystal clear lake. There are good quality men out there of all races. Have faith in yourself. When you find the right one, whether he’s Asian, white, black or green, he won’t throw you back!

        1. Recover from your wounds and learn your lesson! White men don’t care shit about Asian men. They have created a system where your life is disposable-a mere warm tissue to catch their semen when it’s over. They know there’s more Asians willing to lick their feet after they’re done with you.

          When will Asian men learn?

          Choosing white men as a sex partner or for a date is self-destructive for the Asian’s health and well being.

          White men don’t care about you and they will never understand the pain of your plight because they will always have white privilege. Why don’t Asian man understand this?

          Before moving on ask this important questions: what are you going to bring to the relationship? What do you contribute to sex? Can a white man equate your worth or do better?

          Think carefully. Every time an Asian man partners with a white man for any reason that Asian man has helped a system that continues to oppress Asians.

          1. You seem to be lost in your theory. It insults both Asian men and White men. There are many good relationships and marriages out there, so please don’t judge them based on your rather simple theory. Life is not so simple–and thank God for that.

    2. Lover yourself and envelop yourself with love! Remember your strength! Know that no white man is worthy of you! Choose celibacy and chastity as path to pure happiness without the entanglements of sex and toxic relationships with men! Down with mankind! Embrace your Amazon heritage!

  6. I find the term rice queen very derogatory as well. Its just the same as calling south asians curry and black people chocolate. It takes both hands to clap, so if there is always some “grade A” gay asian men who wants a white man regardless of looks, age, int etc, then its just a societal brainwashing problem of how we view racial hierarchy. Maybe its just lots of gaysians who are playing into this stereotype of being submissive and wants a white man to take care of him. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for people fighting for acceptance and equality in the gay community because there will always be this prejudice. More often than not, men who are interested in asians are tops because they already get the stereotype that asians ALWAYS bottom, not that its a bad thing to bottom, but at least in other races its more or less 50/50.

    1. It’s not true all the time. I am a bottom and I have been asked to top by some white boys. I think it’s a good thing that asians are perceived as bottoms hehe. At least we have our own brand. AsianBottoms ® lol. I’m actually proud about it. I also admire gay couples when one looks straight and the other looks so much of a bottom much like in straight relationships. Ya know what I’m saying? 😀

  7. If a Rice Queen is a gay man with yellow fever then what do you call the Asian gay man version of that? As in what derogative term is there for an Asian gay man who exclusively seeks out white men as a sexual target? Diary queen? Potato queen? Personally I think Diary queen is the best choice because it’s white and in solid form it smells really bad as cheese and white people can’t live without eating cheese! Potato queen is a term suggested to me by others but many other cultures eat potatoes some more than white people. Any suggestions? We need to come up with a name!

    1. hahaha. That’s a good alternative: “Dairy Queen”
      I just wish we can accept this tag names because they are fun. Like Panda hugger or potato queen or Sticky Rice. I wish it could be like black people calling eah other the ‘N’ word. So at least we can all chill or ignore each other whatever. lol

  8. well yes, its the truth white boys are the most desirable partners. I dont know About you im not a class A gay asian nor am i really good looking. they just say Im cute and I act Normal so I get to sleep with a nice number of good looking white man, my age, and hot. The problem i think is the insecurity and timidity on the part of young gay asians, im only 24. Plenty of them are drama queens, you know why they dont reply to your propositions? because probably they are bottoms too!! hahaha. there could be plenty of reasons, please stop bashing the white boys because i know so many who are decent and will give you a chance to prove yourself lol. sometimes or oftentimes the best thing to be is to accept friendship, why do you wish to sleep with every white boy? isnt one or two enough? And look around you, The latino men will bring you to your knees with their romantic gestures and awesome sex skills. The black man who will be loyal to you and will protect you at all cost( tho havent been with a black guy) and the asian man who will make sure you reach finale everytime? (this one i have wxperienced with a really hung handsome chinese guy) take note im not good looking. Just be yourself, dont be arrogant, act normal, try to blend in. and dont take everything seriously, at one point there was an attempt to bash me and i was able to turn the table and make even the basher laugh. Be confident, be real.. no pretending. no shield, no safety pillow. its for kids, gay life is for grown ups. But one thing I agree white boys being hot a lot will cheat on the sidelines, dont get caught on that shit, and once you dont interest him anymore you can be tossed out like banana peel on the floor. so go with the flow and dont obsess. There will always be a hot white guy who will want to fuck you! if thats the only thing you want. but if you want romance, I suggest go with Latino guys, those romantic handsome boys are able and willing to give you hearts and flowers and remain masculine in the process. 😉 i have always wanted a white boy friend my dream guy, i found one a few inches short of my dream but hes gorgeous, he is cold as fuck, no sweetness at all, as if a dementor has passed by your way all happiness left me. so i left him in a breeze. im not one who suffer unhappiness for long, so i moved on. try not to generalize, because america is big, with millions of handsome white boys. 🙂 and dont pretend to be someone youre not.

    1. Something tells me you’re full of shit and living in a fantasy land. Or your definition of “hot white guy” is veryyyyyy generous. True hot white guys just want to fuck other white guys. Or the ones that do are either old, ugly, creepy, rice queen, or all of the above.

  9. At the end of the day in an interracial relationship when racism hits the couple only the ethnic minority in a white/non-white pairing will get hurt! Just look what happened recently with the actress from “Django” and how her white partner pushed her under the bus instead of defending her innocence when she got arrested.

  10. I hate the term “rice queen”. It’s detrimental to both the non-asian man and whoever he happens to be dating. So why do Asians use that term so frequently? I dated an Asian guy, and I happened to have traveled extensively in Asia. I was immediately given that label. It’s worth pointing out that i do have a photo taken in China as my wallpaper (ha!).

    In fact, it seems like most white guys who date an asian man are given that same label. Although there’s no excuse for anyone to use it, I don’t understand why asian men use that term, in particular. It reduces yourselves to a fetish and perpetuates stereotypes about those kinds of interracial relationships. Take a stand next time someone uses that term. For comparison, 15 years ago, I remember hearing (and using) the term “retard” all the time…until someone called me out on it. Now I rarely hear that term used by anyone. It’s just not socially acceptable anymore, because people called others out on it.

  11. 1. my best friend has been with the same asian bf 13 years
    2. asian men have a mysterious for of genuine romanticism we’ll never understand but we love it
    3. my affair with asian moved after 4 years into a great griend i still visit with quality and quantity time together.
    4. very funny blogs or widely out of touch with everyman i know who likes different men including asian, or preferably asian.
    5. communication is nuts and different deep subtleties but who gives up with something that small in the big picture
    6. i have never traded up to new model! i love enduring and deepening a good friendship. you paint white as sex obsessed superficial users and asians as naive
    7. i like you but you are crazy judgemental but i would date you and laugh when you get nuts funny down on all whites as potatoes and rice queens. it demeans us all and i love you as you are. xxx

  12. i think this article is saying true. I’m asian and I’m very into white guys. i used to date with some white guys and met them on the gay app. they messaged me first. and they have a lots of asian friends. their profile was taken usually china . japan and korea.

  13. I’m not sure why you are all getting so defensive. The article’s satirical, hilarious and frankly somewhat TRUE.

    1. I agree it’s hilarious and also somewhat true. And I should know, being an RQ myself. But I have the uneasy feeling he was not intending to be satirical.

      1. Why are you a rice queen? Is it because white men don’t find you attractive are you just trying to be “different”?

        1. Wow. Based on your name I assume you’re Asian. Your conclusion about a white man that’s attracted to Asian men is that it’s because he can’t get white guys?! Or that he’s trying to be different?! Amazing! How sad that you’re so shallow with such low self esteem. Can you not imagine that a man of another race that finds members of your race attractive is because he’s genuinely attracted to this traits, both physical and cultural? Your assumptions about why white men would be attracted to Asian men (because they have no other options) should be offensive to your fellow Asians in particular.

        2. Asking why I like Asian men is like asking why I like men, or chocolate ice cream rather than strawberry. Difficult if not impossible to answer. It certainly has nothing to do with my being attractive or not, and it never occurred to me that I chose to be attracted to Asian men to be “different.” That seems a rather bizarre idea to me.

          My own long history of life on our fading planet led me in the direction of Asian men. My first Asian lover was at 33, all white guys before that, because that’s what was around in the 70s. That lovely Japanese American man became my first husband. He died of HIV in 1988. I then decided to clear my mind of grief by living in another country and experience another culture, so I moved to Japan for four years and taught English there. That’s when I got used to and attracted to the look of Asian men. I now have an Asian husband I have known for twenty years and lived with for fourteen, so I think my record as a loving partner is pretty good.

          Every story is individual and I don’t think you can make these sweeping assumptions like you have done. This post and your comment make negative assumptions that insult both Asian and white men, so I wish everyone would just calm down a bit here.

          But thanks for asking. That’s my answer. Just my own personal history.

  14. There s lot of truth in the article despite how bigoted and skewed the opinions are . Such an irony .. The gay community suffered such discrimination over the years only for some to discriminate their own kind by virtue of race , colour and ethnic background and make no apology about it. Apparently if you are Asian, camp , fat , ugly and not physically well endowed then you will at the bottom of the food chain .. An outcaste .. The pariah . Might as well be straight . They are more than meets the eye with the heterosexuals

  15. I think everybody took this too seriously. I think this article was meant to be funny. Like that comic routine…your a redneck if… That’s how I took it anyway.

  16. Most of my friends are Asian, not all by any means, but over half. If you want to cast your cynical observations on race over that, it’s up to you. However, I think it’s pretty sad that you wish to view everything in life through the limiting lens that the gay scene insists on viewing everything through; sex. Fact is, I love my friends, they’re good people, and there’s nothing remotely sexual going on with them at all. There’s more to life than sexual attraction, however, if you insist on reducing your own social interactions down to that alone then you’ll continue to perpetuate and observe your own hackneyed, boring, stereotypes. I’d suggest that you’re worth more than that.

    I know the gay scene is all kinds of racist, but guess what; the majority of homosexuals on this planet don’t take part in that scene. That’s the big lie; there is no gay “community”. There’s a gay “marketplace”. The gay marketplace is obsessed with race, labels, exclusion, and judgement (in a massive contrast to the movement that spawned it), but actually, only a minority of gay people take part in it. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the actions of people within that marketplace represent gay people as a whole, but they do not. Not by a long stretch.

    I’m not from the U.S, but I spent 4 years living there, and your nation’s obsession with racial and other stereotypes is a noose around its neck dragging it down (and you know full well that it is not just Caucasian-Americans who are engaging in perpetuating them, it’s all of American society). I left the U.S. some time ago, thankfully, but I can see that tawdry obsession is still very much in tact.

    The fact, which I know you may well close your mind off from hearing, is that the kind of attitude you’re engaged in perpetuating props up the disgusting systemic racism in your society. It breeds more racism, and only strengthens the strangle hold of that racist beurocracy for future generations.

    It’s time to lead by example, and show people how they ought to engage with one another, rather than give in to the temptation to just do the same thing back, which just multiplies the problem.

    I understand your frustration. I do. But you’re better than those people you write about. Don’t stoop to that level.

  17. this article is more than a little jaded, divisive, polarized, and antagonistic. Sure, the kind of mentality described in this article is unhealthy but so is the vitriolic stereotyping language used in this article. The gay world already has enough bigotry to deal with externally it doesn’t need to propagate discriminatory attitudes internally, whatever those attitudes may be, even if they are themselves directed at bigotry. This includes propagating the value and definition of “masculinity” that has degraded so many homosexuals before they even joined the gay community let alone once they became a part of it, stereotyping people as either submissive or passive because of some aspect beyond their control, stigmatizing interracial relationships, stigmatizing sexual preference (top or bottom) and assigning value or meaning to it, stigmatizing anything based on a generalization or stereotype, and generalizing in general about racial preference, dating habits, sex drive, and sexual preference (top or bottom) based on race or any other factor.

    so please, be nicer to your fellow gay, whether in practice or in critique

      1. What do you love about it? I only ask because I love it too. And that’s why I always try to fuck Asians in their 30’s and 40’s. Hell, I’ll take one in his 50’s if he’s sexy.

        For me, there’s just something so sexy about getting blown by/pounding a guy that was my current age, when I was born! Hahaha. Additionally, they’ve been around the block plenty of times, and know how to satisfy that white cock.

      2. Agreed. My first hot Asian experience was with a Thai man 15 years older than me. That was about two years ago. I was 40, he was 55 at the time.

    1. Oh relax, hes just trying to make sense of his own experiences. I connect because I used to have the same frustrations, then I got over it. Just because Im over doesnt make me any better or make my opinions more valid. Finding ones place in the world requires us to know ourselves. The thing about experience and personal truth is that others dont have to relate, understand or agree to make it true.

      I could go on about how easy it is to be gay, but I know there are plenty of people who would contest. We could also discuss height and build just as much as asian v white.

  18. 1. My partner is manly. 2. Asian adventure; grow up! 3. Should we nit have Asian friends, I mean we live in Asia, don’t we? 4. If I posted a profile picture from when I last resided in a western country, it would be a rather old photo. 5. If I have Chinese or ANY language in my profile..it’s because I am smart and can communicate with more than English speaking people! 6.Erm, my partner is older than I. 7. And the last point demonstrates that this has been written by a complete idiot!

    Who hurt you sir?

  19. who ever the author is not only angry he is bitter. He is either an Asian guy that got dumped by a white guy, or a white guy that dumped by an Asian

    1. This article is not written by Asian. There are many missing elements.

      Rice queens are less likely to show pictures are taken in Asia. In fact, many of them would hide the fact that they are into Asians guys because of shame(maybe) or loss of privilege. Although some extreme ones would state on their profile instead.

      If you ask rice queens why they are into Asians ONLY, they are likely to answer “I am also into Latinos”. They claim that they are open minded but many of them have very specific likes.

      Some rice queens, unfortunately, have bad aggressive communication. They approach to guys with anger and/or hate for no reasons to start with (or maybe they assault guys so other guys would at least talk back to them). For example, a guy messaged me online and his first message was “fuck you, guke. now you’re blocked, you rice picking slanted eyed pussy”. The aggressive is somewhat common because Asian guys are usually gentle and naive.

      Not all rice queens are old. Come on, those old guys had youth also. They were not born old. I find as guys get mature as well as more experienced and traveled, guys have less racial preference. And if we talk about rice queens, there are black and latino rice queens. Also don’t forget sticky rices.

    2. i like white boys but im afraid to have relationships with them cos i know im replaceable like in a blink of an eye. i dated a hot white guy while dating i learned my asian friends are trying to snatch him so i just let him go. i didnt even try to fight cos if i did have him it will be a relationship long trying to fight for him. Im a plain asian not really good looking i find myself unattractive but they always tell me im cute. So i opted instead for a latino boyfriend and i was happy, but i know i wouldve have been more delighted to see a white boy in my bed when i wake up. their blue eyes are captivating. too bad

        1. I do find asian guys attractive. tho i know the other asian guys also prefer the sight of a white boy. 🙂 I have encountered a really handsome chinese man, 2 years younger than me, im 24. hes really good but hes not into relationship with me, i think he likes Latinos too 🙂 haha. bottomline is if you are a fighter, and you want to fight for your white man then by all means have a happy relationship with him. i on the other hand hate conflict and unwanted attention. 🙂

      1. Wow that is kind of offensive. Are Latins not good enough? And I’m a good-looking young white guy. If this is how all gay Asians think, then I’ll just go for my second choice too: the Latins.

        Never knew the Asian gays were that paranoid.

        1. “And I’m a good-looking young white guy”

          Who are you trying to convince? Yourself or others? Sounds to me like you’ve been validated enough.

          1. Haha. Believe what you want. It’s just fun hearing “You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever had sex with”.

        2. You’ll do better with Latinos, haha. To be with an asian guy is an adventure. Especially the orientals, they have a different culture. I came from a westernized asian country thas why i know my way around 🙂

          1. “Orientals” is a racist term and antiquated. I mean do you hear people calling African-American a “Negro”?

      2. Oh my god. Are you serious Or just craving for attention? I’m Asian, actually Korean, but this is the yukkiest comment I’ve ever seen!! In your mind Latino is another option for White??? You are so deluded. You may have hierarchy in your mind and you must be bottom in that pyramid. Pity you and your education! But what’s more shocking is how can you be so dumb to comment such racial inner thinking of you publically? Don’t you have any shame or introspection what you are commenting??

        1. I’m just being realistic. Who doesn’t like attention. lol. You can tell yourself that there is no heirarchy, that all are equal. But hell no, the status quo, in American Gay Community, perhaps around the globe: The white man rules it, and by extension latinos. Pity all you want. No shame on my part. And I live in America which means I can say what I want in public whether you like to hear it or not. Suck it bitch.

      3. Yeah, Ive dated some hot guys (korean, white and latino) that other guys much hotter than me were interested in, that I just let them go. Sure, there was attraction, but there wasnt any chemistry. I also hated the dimorphism. They were all taller and bigger built that I felt like a baby on their back topping them.

  20. Two years ago I messaged this white guy on grindr who has a Chinese character tattoo on his chest (which is interesting). But his profile says “No Asians”, like seriously b*tch?

    1. Hahahahahaha! Ya… Chinese character tattoos are a notable exception to the ‘Chinese characters in profile’ criteria 😉

      White people have a fetish for such tattoos ‘cuz they impart exoticism, mystery and sophistication despite not knowing how to pronounce them or what they mean.

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