The Asian vs White Grindr experiment: Why it’s great to be White!

Who doesn’t like being a hot white guy? You’re pretty much a Greek god in the gay community and there really isn’t anybody you can’t get. For others, you often find “no asians, no blacks” in dating profiles, which shows how racist and white-centric gay dating can be.

You see, there’s a totem pole of races in the gay community, with white people at the very top. It sorta goes like this: White, Latino (honorary whites), Mixed, Asian, Black, Indian, etc. This hierarchy is responsible for all kinds of phenomena in the gay world. Take, for example, the fact that Asian-White couples often consist of an older white guy with a younger Asian. Or at the very least, an Asian who’s substantially more attractive than his white counterpart. It’s never the other way around.

The bias extends to pop culture. When was the last time you saw an Asian Abercrombie model? All of the main characters on Queer as Folk were white. Heck, all the main characters in the latest HBO gay drama Looking are white even though the show is set in San Francisco where a third of gays are Asian. And of course, how can we forget about gay porn?

And so I wanted to find out for myself what every gay Asian knows – no matter how hot or young you are, you’ll suffer the inevitable Asian “discount” that’s applied when you hit the dating/hookup market. What better way than on the most shameless, unapologetic, and narcissistic venue: Grindr.

The Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment

Asian white profile picture Asian white profile picture

Who’s hotter?

I whipped out two phones, loaded Grindr, and put two similar looking jocks to the test: 28, 5’10”, 170lbs, muscular, 8”uc. What’s not to like? Their profiles were exactly the same except one was Asian and the other white. I carried around the two phones for a week to different cities and here’s what happened.

Raw uncut data

So being Asian my whole life, I finally know how it feels to be a hot white guy for a week. The white guy comfortably gets 1.5 – 2x more messages than the Asian. There’s no other conclusion than it’s great to be white. You’ve got twice as many guys lined up ready to suck you off or get pounded by you.

Asian vs White Grindr messages

Another thing you notice is that there are many hot guys who are simply off limits to Asians. Here’s one guy I tried to message as the Asian and it didn’t get very far. Gays love to use the “not my type” excuse as cover for any number of prejudicial preferences. When I message the same dude as the white guy, and I instantly get cockshots, details on how much he wants to pound my ass, and whether I can host.

Asian vs White Grindr Experiment Message Asian vs White Grindr Experiment Message

As a hot white guy, you can expect a near 100% reply rate. In fact, you wind up with the problem that more guys are messaging you in a day than you can realistically sleep with in a month. This explains why as a white guy you can get away with being a complete douchebag. Why would you waste your time with anyone other than the cream of the crop? And why settle down when you can have an endless stream of orgies?

As an Asian, you can only hope to be so lucky to get the pleasure of a response. Just for fun, I sent a fellow Asian a message as the white guy. He thought it was some kind of joke, like I was a white guy coming to the back of the bus.

Asian vs White Grindr Experiment Message


If you’re a hot white guy, keep on doing what you do best – being white. You’ve got it made until your skin starts to sag. But not to worry, you’ll still have younger Asians flocking to you.

If you’re not white, the only real solution to this problem is to pray to god that you’re born white next time. There’s an inherent bias against us and you need to know for all intents and purposes, you have no realistic chance of dating a hot white guy your own age. Changing the mentality of a whole community doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly won’t happen in your generation.

646 thoughts on “The Asian vs White Grindr experiment: Why it’s great to be White!

  1. A speed-dating event was organized at Columbia University to examine the behavioral patterns of participants. The event, which corralled graduate students of all backgrounds, provided each pairing with four minutes to strike up a conversation. Asian men, who accounted for over 20 percent of the dating body, were at a considerable disadvantage in the experiment. When asked if they would like to see the person again, women were 33 percent less likely to respond affirmatively to Asian men than to members of other races. They were 60 percent less likely to respond positively to Asian men than members of their own race. Even Asian women, by a small margin, preferred the company of white men to that of Asian men.

    1. What would the results been regarding white women and blackmen? What would the results have been regarding blackwimen and Asian men?

  2. I only wish I had white privilege. I am a 55yo white guy… I was a poor skinny non muscled white guy all of my life. I never had any (White privilege) that I knew of.. Many guys of other races say I am not there type or just ignore me all the time. Now being considered an old man and not muscled I get some of the most hurtful remarks… mostly age biased and definitely adding to their own biased ideals. IE.. A remarkable young black guy hits me up on an app and asks if Im generous..then calls me a racist because I said he wasn’t my type… Then calls me an ugly old doucebag…. so who is really the culprit here? so not all white guys are with white privilege. Even when I was young I never had white privilege. Sexual preference is simply that preference.. It isn’t what you want to hear but if I was looking for a black guy or an Asian guy I doubt I would get a positive response whether I was young or old in SF or Tokyo, Capetown or London or NYC… But if I did the same search for a older white guy I might be better off, although I prefer younger guys.. so is it white privilege or is it black entitlement or Asian bias… if someone isn’t interested they aren’t interested.. deal with it….

    1. Hello! This is Alexander! On planetromeo my name is dennisweinberg . Hit me up there! I love guys at your age!

  3. Gay or not, white privilege is a real thing. And those of you arguing against that are just showing how prevalent it actually is.

  4. all these crap is actually just one thing:
    ppl are racist because they’re small minded, and,
    this crappy racial thing in the gay community is because a lot of gay people are small minded,peroid.

    1. As racism is not confined to gay people, your claim that ” gay” people are small minded is bigoted nonsense. Many white women will not date blacks…does that mean ” white women ” are small minded?

      1. I guess u r trolling… China is a mixed country in terms of development.. There is downtown Shanghai and there are mountain villages where people still live inside houses that they share with theur animals… You nerd to see the bigger picture, including that more Chinese now have a “middle class” standard of living than the entire population of the USA….

  5. telling you, at schools, white guys most likely fail classes or drugged and ditching, at gyms losing ballgames by black men and pretend like theres something wrong with it, art classes, when asian people draw a person who seem to be like a real person, i see white guys drawing a line and a circle and calling it a person and getting carried away by the one day improvement that didnt happen.

    white guys smell cuz they dont wash, they do wash with water and that’s it. they smell by armpit badly so they have to use deodorant. and its not true that all white men have big dicks as their height. what’s good about being white? forget uour white power.

    1. haha I totally agree, can’t stand standing next to a smelly armpit white guy, asians really don’t smell, but so bad that in my area where I live (Europe) there are nearly no asian guy, I just only have 1 asian friend and he lives in the next town, but this guy who wrote this is also a bit right about the white privilege

    2. I’ve been too Shanghai and it’s the smelliest place on earth. White countries don’t smell like asian ones do. The only expection is japan.

  6. I am a Japanese gay man, I fuckn love being Asian, I wouldn’t want to be any other race. I also love being with men of ALL race, I truly believe, and from experience I can honestly find something sexy about every race, what can I say, I love man sex lol! I want to give my Asian brothers some advice, love yourself in your own skin, be confident in who you are, own it and be proud of who you are. If a guy turns you down because you are Asian you have to shake it off and just think, “it’s their loss” and move on, but you must believe it, don’t take it personally. Believe me, this is the truth, when you carry yourself with self respect and pride in who/what you are, guys of any race will find you attractive, you will have no problem meeting quality men. Whining about white privilege and self loathing is dick repellent, men will run away from that shit real fast. Personally, I don’t care what race a guy is, he can be average looking and any age, if he has character, confidence, self respect and a sense of humor, we can fuck ; ) good luck men!

    1. Dear Ruffsavage – I resonate with your sentiments. I am an older white guy and I love all races and have had great times with them – and of course not so good as well. What you say about character, confidence and self-respect is so true. I admit I am attracted to physical beauty as well but that has nothing to do with the color of a man’s skin. I live in New York and see amazingly gorgeous men from all over the world every day. If someone can’t appreciate beauty because of color, it’s definitely their loss. Btw, I married a Thai man just over a year ago and he is beautiful inside and out. I know so many people who complain about not being in a relationship but have a very narrow set of preferences. Open your eyes to the world, guys! Your man is out there!

  7. I think the Asian/black vs white guys thing is absolutely True. It’s certainly worse in the north America than anywhere in Europe. I think Asian guys need to be proud of themselves. They should start dating their own race and ditch the white boys. Same applies to black guys. So the majority of white men say they prefer whites. Asians/blacks should do the same. See how they feel 🙂 easy – start posting your profile by saying “no whites and Asians only”, or “no whites black guys only”. It’s just a preference 🙂

  8. One of the things I love about New York is the diversity of the men! So many great looking men of all races everywhere. I must fall in love ten times a day. And there’s my prejudice showing – I love beautiful men and I know I’ve missed some wonderful guys because of that. I was brought up in a quietly racist environment but have been leaving that behind for years and discovering that beautiful men come in all colors. I’m white so I realize I have an advantage in this society and not just in the dating scene. But I think people are finally starting to wake up. All I can say to white guys who discriminate is, “Your loss!” Yes, we all have preferences but sometimes we get pleasantly surprised by moving out of our comfort zone. Onward!

  9. Nothing wrong with the preferences and nothing can change it overnight. White men beauty is universally promoted with history of world dominance. Despite the majority of Americans and Europeans are still whites, minorities have slowly gained more recognition since the change of demographics.

    Every azn is different, the ones who are sophisticated travelers will find universal beauty and they probably will not have time to do this kind of research and try to find common ground for sympathy. If you are an azn living in western countries, you will have to live with the truth that a good looking white guy with AF physique will be attracting more attention than he could handle regardless how many Azns he could get and whether he is into Azn. Unfortunately most azn who date whites exclusively in the western countries are for various reasons due to various personal background and personal reasons. It is just part of soul searching phase in effort to live a happy life. But I personally don’t think azns in generally have a challenging gay life these days. It all depends how you want to live your life. You can also have an active sex life with countless whites if you are taking care of yourself mentally and physically. After all, the white model looking ones who are into azns are expecting the same standard from an azn guy. If you are obsessed how many texts an average white joe can get comparing to average azn joe does, you will drive yourself crazy. You only need one guy per night most of the time. And not every white guy can secure a hot guy every night. Also, if you are spending everyday try to fullfil your white guy fantasy in a small area that’s extremely influenced by western gay media, you probably have a boring life within the shallow circle, Castro area etc. at the same time you are wasting time to improve yourself while limiting yourself to look for other channels to meet guys. This validation practice will make you even more unknowingly empty and uncouciously unhappy in long run.

    The azns in western countries are known to be mostly successful middle class professionals. It is still accounted for small population in western countries these days. Not all the good looking whites are promiscuous. Some also have a stable life and are not frequent in social app. They probably expect their partners to be the same, monogamous relationship.

    If you are only into one night stands, the whites who declares No Azns actually help you to save time because their experience didn’t lead them to have an attraction for azn. In that case, move to the next ones. I personally will block them. For the sticky rice guys, there many apps that focus on azn to azn dating. Perhaps you should search guys from those apps instead of the western mainstream apps. After all most azns are still sticky rice. Sorry for the ones who live and grew up in western countries, you are dealing with the double discrimination that has led some of you very depressed and frustrated.

  10. quite the angry qweer who wrote this.
    People have prefrances it’s not fair to take a shit on them because of it. That’s like being mad at someone for being straight. Stop being a bitter bitch. I bet this guy who wrote this would tell a fat guy sorry not my type any day of the week.

  11. This post is ridiculous, you like what you like. I’m white and masc, and that just happens to be what I’m into. If we could choose what we liked then why wouldn’t we all just choose to be straight and make life easier? And did he honestly try and convince people that he was asian and had an 8 inch dick? I mean I know we all make it sound a bit bigger than it is but you can’t add a whole 8 extra inches on haha

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