I’m a homosexual. And I’m angry. I’m so sick of homosexual life that I had to write this blog to vent my anger.

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  1. I’m researching for my next project. I would love to discuss with you certain subjects you already presented on your blog. You seem to have a really strong opinion on mixe race gay relationships and I’m focussing on the term Rice Queen( what it means, implies and how it affects the relationship/dating dynamic) . Let me know if you are interested to chat.

  2. Dude…You’re site is completely irresponsible. Medicine is not a cure-all. Just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for thousands even millions more. It just means that THIS particular medication doesn’t work for YOU. There are medications that work for millions that I’m allergic to. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good or even great medication.

  3. The author of this website probably is a:
    (1) ugly and/or old white guy who got rejected by Asian guys before
    (2) ugly Asian guy who can’t get accept by his own race and all the gays
    (3) gay who got bad history with some Asian guy

    All of this makes him hate Asian guy/himself, then he keep posting this unpleasant words to hurt the the whole Asian gay community.

    To the adamistrator of the website, I do feel sorry for you, all your words are hurting Asian gay community indirectly and you do this on purpose.
    Stop it , otherwise , you might end up with killing yourself one day!

    1. First of all, I am an Asian who live in Asia.
      I have to agree with the administration of this blog that the whole thing called “potato queen” is ridiculous. They have preference? That’s OK. But that thing they have doesn’t call a “preference”. It’s stubbornness, closing their eyes without acknowledge that there are still a lot of Asian perfect matchs for them.
      I have heard a conversation between two Asian guys. I will call them A and B, A said: “You said that you love guys who are not from the Asian culture, right? But what if an Asian was born in Western countries? Would you date them?” and then, B said that: “Nah, I would still date white guys, they are handsome?”.
      I just can’t understand of this “preference”. I wonder if they want to marry a model or marry a real man?
      Luckily, there are not many potato queens in Asia, which is a good thing. Western world are weird, I’m lucky to live in Asia.

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  4. I LOVE the sentiment of your site. I just read through a few of the comments. I’m not the ‘joe’ that was causing the problem. I actually searched in google for angry gay man. I’ve been angry ever since I got sober, 24 years ago. God, I hate being sober and aware in this world – there are so many fools and kunts in the world….and I bet there will be some know-it-all who can’t wait to respond, to let me know that my attitude is the problem. This is a world where you almost have to be medicated if you are to facilitate through it…there is just too much flotsam and jetsam.

  5. This should read “I’m so sick of my life…”

    Seems like you should move to Sweden or something. It will dramatically improve the odds of landing a white guy. Do you like uncut dick?

  6. Spot on brother love the site and agree with all your articules. Id like to be friends with you. Im hispánic and in East bay. Send me a note lets hang.

    Thank you for the site.

  7. As for the person who started this webpage- have you no shame? How can someone like you (Asian presumably) let this problem w/Joe continue?

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