The Jack’d Racism Study: Asians are as Racist as Whites

Jack'dIt’s a well known fact that gay white guys generally prefer to date other gay white guys. Gay Asians know it all too well, but we’re mostly complaining in our own echo chamber while white guys party on.

But there’s another form of subtle racism that we rarely talk about – gay Asians discriminate against themselves in favor of whites.

I’ve seen many an Asian stricken by potato fever, but I wanted more than just anecdotal evidence. So I dug around for some data, turning to Jack’d, one of the most popular gay mobile dating apps. After going through 200 profiles, I was shocked at what I found.

Jack’d is a treasure trove of data

Ok, so where is this Jack’d data? As an unpaid user, you only see other guy’s reply rates, however if you cough up the dough for a Pro subscription, you get access to statistics showing which age groups, scenes (twinks, bears, etc.) and races another user is interested in. There are two features in Jack’d that are used to tabulate a user’s racial preference: Match and Favorite.

For Match, Jack’d shows you random profiles of people in your city and you either click Interested, Not Interested or Skip. The Favorite button bookmarks guys you like while you’re browsing. When you Favorite a guy, he’ll be saved in your Favorites folder and he’ll get notified of it.


I randomly picked 100 Asian guys and 100 white guys who were last online in San Francisco.

San Francisco, the gayest city in the US, was a natural choice for this study. The city is 34.4% Asian and 41.6% non-Hispanic white. Because both races are roughly equally represented in the city, one can study their preferences for each other without having to account for Asians being a small minority, which they are in most of the US.

To ensure a reliable sample, every profile needed to have a face picture and a plausible age (i.e. not 99). They also had to have an interest in at least two different age groups and two different scenes in order to select for people who’ve used the Match and Favorite features extensively. I wanted to target only San Francisco residents so I excluded anyone whose profile said they were visiting.

Diversity of Jack’d Users

I picked a random point in central San Francisco and counted all Jack’d users within a one mile radius. This one mile radius covers a diverse array of neighborhoods in the city, with bits of the Mission, the Castro, the Haight, SoMa and the Tenderloin.

Jack'd Study Area
I counted the number of Jack’d users of each race within a one mile radius of a random point in San Francisco

You might be wondering how well Jack’d users represent the whole rainbow of races out there. It turns out that Jack’d users in central San Francisco form quite a colorful rainbow.

Race Breakdown of Jack'd Users

One might say that Asians are over-represented on Jack’d, which isn’t surprising given Jack’d’s reputation as an Asian-heavy app. If anything, the over-representation of Asians is a good thing because if we observe a bias against Asians, it can’t be attributed to their low numbers.

Determining Racial Preference

For each of the 100 Asian and 100 white guys I studied, I recorded their age, reply rate and the ethnicity distribution of guys they’re interested in.

For example, we can see in the following example that 92% of the guys Freddie’s interested in are Asian, 5% are Pacific Islanders, and the remaining 3% are split between Middle Eastern, Mixed and Other. He’s never Favorited a white, Latino or black profile.

Jack'd Insight Example
Example Jack’d Insight Race Data for a user

After recording the ethnicity preferences of 100 Asian and 100 white profiles, I analyzed the data to see if I could find any obvious patterns. It didn’t take long…

Asians and Whites both avoid Asians

It turns out that both white and Asian men are somewhat allergic to Asians.

Jack'd Users Racism

Not many rice eaters

There’s a strong bias against Asians. A significant proportion of white guys (40%) and Asians (29%) are never interested in Asians. That jives with OkCupid’s data showing that 43% of gay whites preferred to date their own race.

Plenty of potato love

Whites don’t have many haters. The vast majority of white and Asian guys are interested in white guys to at least some degree. I’ve heard many white men complain about sticky Asians, but the fact is that 93% of Asians are open to dating a white guy.

Whites prefer whites, but Asians prefer whites even more

A person prefers a race if 51% of the guys that person is interested in are of that race.

Jack'd Users Racial Preferences

Asians have a stronger preference for white guys than white guys have for each other

The majority of gay Asians, 57%, prefer to date white guys. By contrast, only 45% of white guys prefer to date other whites. Also remember that 40.1% of users are Asian and 28.2% whites. The supply and demand dynamics are incredibly unbalanced and quite frankly sad. Why do Asians have such a gravitation towards potatoes?

Quantifying Rice Queens and Potato Queens

Let’s raise the bar even higher and see what happens when we try and pick out the rice queens and potato queens. A rice/potato queen is someone who prefers Asian/white 70% of the time or more.

Jack'd Rice Queens and Potato Queens

Can you say potato addiction?

41% of gay Asians are potato queens. Gay Asians really, really love white guys. Almost half of gay Asians love white guys to the point where it’s an obsession. Compare this to only 18% of gay white men are rice queens. This is great news if you’re a white guy who eats rice.

Rice queens have the upper hand

A couple weeks ago I argued that the Gaysian dating world is stacked in favor of rice queens. Now we have the numbers to back that up. For every rice queen, there are 2.3 potato queens. White guys have their pick, but Asians have to settle for whatever they can get.

The only way all those gay Asians will settle with white men is to lower their standards and date older and/or less attractive white men. There’s no other way all those gay Asians’ desires can be accommodated.

Echoes of the Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment

I’ve put all the numbers we’ve seen so far onto one chart.

Jack'd Echoes of Grindr Experiment


Notice that Asians and whites both prefer white guys by a substantial margin: the white guy is always more desirable than the Asian by a factor of 1.5-2x.

If you remember my Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment from a while back, you’ll recall that a hot white guy can expect 1.5-2x as many Grindr messages as a similarly endowed Asian. That’s almost identical to the margin by which Jack’d users prefer whites over Asians.

Asians are racist too

We often think of racism and discrimination as something whites are guilty of. But it turns out Asians are equally guilty of discriminating against themselves. You might write off the racism of whites as simply a preference for dating people who look like themselves, but how do you explain the preferences of gay Asians?

At least in the minds of gay Asians, white men are the gold standard of beauty and desirability. Maybe it’s an unavoidable consequence of growing up in American culture, where seeing almost nothing but whites on movie screens and fashion runways has indoctrinated us to the idea that only whites are attractive.

You might think that gay Asians, having grown up with the dual stigma of being both a racial and sexual minority, would be more open-minded than your average person. Some certainly seem to think they are:

jackd-open-minded-asian jackd-not-open-minded-asian

Oops. I guess he meant to say he’s open-minded unless you’re Asian. 😉

I once said that gay Asians have no realistic chance of dating a hot white guy their own age. It turns out they might have the same struggles finding a hot Asian their own age too.

189 thoughts on “The Jack’d Racism Study: Asians are as Racist as Whites

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  2. I’m Asian married to Caucasian Men. I’m attracted to all races (i found black men are so hot) but yes not to other Asians. After seeing this article, now i understand why so many of my Asian friends are still single for long time.. too many demands not enough suply..

  3. This is soul destroying lol. I’m a white trans man who, while I’m more attractive than the vast majority of men (just being honest), and I like women too so I’ve haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve ran out of people interested in me (yet), I bet it’s coming with gay men eventually since they’re so weirdly prejudiced, and I’m sure that extends more to us trannies than Asians. It seems ridiculous to me, I genuinely do like everyone racially and it’s not like I had to make an effort to be that way, so the fact that so many gay men are still like this is kind of ugly. I do have other strong preferences however; even though I don’t care what the person who fucks me looks like, if I’m fucking or actually dating someone they have to look very feminine and “pretty”, so perhaps I’m being contradictory.

  4. As a black gay male the likes Asian I have found they as quite dismissive and downright racist towards black men. I like all men but muscular Asian me do get my attention. Wish it was reciprocated more often.

  5. Awesome post! Gay Asian guys are the most RACIST on the planet. They’re obsessed with White men and they won’t date Latinos, Black men or even each other! It’s ironic because gay White men HATE gay Asian men.

  6. Great post, it confirms a lot of my feelings dealing with gay Asian men. I’m a black man who happens to be married to a gorgeous Asian man who doesn’t fit that stereotype so I’m lucky. I consider myself to be incredibly fluid when it comes to race so Ive gained a good amount of experience on the topic of dating men of other races. I’m a fairly attractive black guy who has a graduate degree and gainfully employed so I see myself as a good gauge. Especially to take home to demanding Asian parents. I can say out of all the races I am most likely to be rejected by Asian men and then followed my White American men.

    For example, on a recent trip to Thailand the Asian men there were even more discriminating. I got very little attention from Thai guys (people even moved away from me on public transportation). Every corner in Bangkok was covered with ads for skin bleaching creams. The Thai guys we’re really into my husband whose Chinese and lighter complexion. On the flip side I got plenty of attention from White Euro men also visiting which is typical for me.
    I can also confirm that many gay Asians I know personally, including my very own husband will not date other Asian men. Why? Not sure…
    I do think culturally many Asians grow up thinking white or whiter is best. It’s almost programmed in at early age. And there is a sort of trophy to bring home a white man. A white man symbolizes prosperity, perhaps he puts them on equal ground or helps elevate there status. I don’t think it’s the same brand of racism you find with white men but it still doesn’t make it any better.

    With all that being said there are plenty of great Asian guys out there and it’s just about finding the right ones who are open minded.

  7. As An Asian Gay who was born and raised in Asia, i feel sad for Asian american who limited their Happiness to White peoples. Somehow I Agree with media that always centered white as beauty standard, In Asia itself White seems rather have low likeness among gay asian community, but for myself I LOVE ALL Races Asian, White, Black, Latino, they are beautiful, i hope my fellow Asian Gay over there would gladly open their mind and giving other races chance to make them Happy..

  8. I’m not surprised by this. I’ve always suspected Asians were this way ever since I discovered Yaoi and even anime in general. Even though their initial target audience is Japan, and many of those works never get to the US or translated the vast majority of them still feature characters that are clearly white. The heroes are white, often young blond haired boyish guys. Yaoi, which is like young gay love stories/soft core porn put together also features almost exclusively boyishly pretty young white guys, with their big round eyes the opposite of the natural shape of Asian eyes. Japan is said to be having a love affair with what is “cute” right now, and it is telling that their ideal of cute (given that Yaoi is made first for girls and second for gay guys) is a white pretty boy, instead of someone their own race. I realize that not every Asian is Japanese and that in coming to my conclusion I generalized but it still seemed to be correct. Given the fact that Yaoi caters to either gays or girls the fact that the characters are white guys makes sense as the gay Asian ideal of beauty is white guys.

  9. It would have been interesting if you also analyzed Asians preference for/against other races. Based on my experience, it would also show more extreme racism against black people than you find in any other race.

    1. Adam:
      I agree with what you said totally. We all know that Asians prefer white people in any capacity. I would be curious to see what Asians think about black men and latin men. Asians want to cry racism when they are even more racist than white people. Especially in the gay community where it is rampant

      1. Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly…
        Asians are VERY racist when it comes to other minority’s …
        White people are GODS to them…
        They treat Black and Latin men like something that is on the bottom of their shoes….
        It’s funny to watch them lusting for white guys… Who don’t even want them
        It’s funny to see an old white guy with a young Asian
        They will do ANYTHING to date a White guy…

  10. You people (Asians) are angry for no reason. It’s not like you people aren’t bigoted yourselves. You would rather sleep with some white guy who treats you like dirt than to rather give other races a chance. It’s well known that you all do not like black men as you think that we are inferior to you and white men. So get off of your high horse. It’s nothing to see an Asian (younger) guy with an older (white) guy. You all would pimp your mother for a white guy and then turn around and discriminate against your own kind for a white guy so this conversation should be done. I wish that I could get my name taken off of this junk!

    1. Hey! That was really mean. I don’t blame the AsAm community. You have to blame the stereotypes and biases perpetuated by white media. It’s their fault. They’ve trained people to become so docile with this stuff they don’t even question. And the same could be said for black men because I see them do it all the time…not with race per se, but more towards people who aren’t macho looking whether they’re a little heavyset or thin.

      1. You say that it was really mean but it’s true and it’s accurate. If you go to Los Angeles especially within the gay community gay Asians are literally prostituting themselves just to be around fat smelly white men who really don’t want to be with them. We all know that they will do anything to fit into the white world so let’s not pretend otherwise. You know that. Yeah they have trained people to be docile but Asians also choose to be that way because in their minds they think that white is right and everything else is wrong. But again you know this. You say you see black men doing this all the time well I see it mostly with Asians. And what Asians don’t realize is that white men will only tolerate them for a short while before they start to seek out something much more bigger if you know what I mean.

        1. Yes it is true..Asians will do ANYTHING to fit into WHITE society!
          ANYTHING… It’s amazing. You see Fine, hot, VERY attractive Asian men with OLD, WRINKLED, FAT, Plain looking WHITE men. I live in Washington DC and I see it all the time.. Asian men stop selling yourself short with these white men… Asian men NEVER give other races a chance or even a glance …
          It’s hilarious 😂

          1. Then they want to sit there and act as if all of us minorities are “in this together” Then they want to cry “racism” when they are doing the same thing. So, no I don’t feel sorry for Asians at all because they are just as racist as white men and even more so to a large degree. Did you notice the silence when this is pointed out?

          2. Yes I see this all the time with ASIAN men… with Asians in general… they are worse than whites more racist than they will ever be…. they cry about how much they are minority’s but whenever it suits them they have and will continue to be the WHITE MANS LAP DOGS!
            Sorry to be so harsh but it’s true… the only time that they have contact with another race is when they do business in their dirty shops!
            Other races especially the Black/African American should avoid these businesses at ALL COSTS!
            Stop spending money with people who DO NOT RESPECT YOU!

    2. I am Asian who cuurently stay in Asia and I agree with you, I hope My fellow Asian over there would be much open towards their own race and to other races, I love all Races and somehow makes me sad seeing this.

  11. As a Canadian resident (for over a decade) and Asian, I actually found people who are searching for the balance between their own heritage and the mainstream North American values to be extremely attractive. This process is usually a very difficult journey, so I found such people to be extremely tough and strong. This is why I admire many queer Muslims and black folks. On the other hand, people who deny their heritage is a huge turn-off for me, and this is what I am really afraid to see from fellow (East) Asian men, because I actually have friends who have such mentality, and it really pains me to see them think this way.
    To me, my (Chinese) heritage, language ability, and cross-cultural experiences are what make me stand out from the crowd and contribute to my friend circles, and I am really grateful to have a very diverse friend groups. How I feel might have to do with the fact that I come from an artistic background that actually encourages me to be critical, expressive, and different. As a result, I admire those who explores the difficult topics of cross-cultural identities, because I think the process is very artistic and avant-garde. After all, there are many similarities existing between different cultures, if you look at the root of complex problems and try to understand the human instincts and emotions behind them.
    At last, I’d like to point out that old shouldn’t equal or imply less attractive. There are many very attractive and sexy older men, and some are past their 50s. If you are a young (Asian) man in love with an older man, you can still be a very lovely couple, and no one should take it away from you.

    (Anyways, thank you for opening up this discussion. I was doing research on the topic and nevertheless, the article is very useful).

    1. I see that you avoid the question of when Asian are bigoted towards anyone else that isn’t white. As a black gay man, I can tell you that I have felt the sting of racism from Asians almost as much as white. You guys like black men to experiment but you are taught to “go where the money is” and in your small minds, you chose white over any other race. You have a group of diverse friends but you would never date a black man

  12. As an Asian who is generally attracted to Caucasian men, I can tell you what I find attractive and it’s not as much the appearance as it is the personality / culture.

    I grew up as a Canadian surrounded by mostly Caucasians. This is what I generally relate to. I’m not as attracted to those I don’t really relate to. I’m a guy who happens to be gay so no matter your ethnicity, I’m not attracted to men who not particularly masculine. As a Canadian, no matter your ethnicity, I personally find that if your culture doesn’t quite mesh with my beliefs, I’m less attracted to you. I’m not typically attracted to Asians but have often found myself attracted to an Asian who is masculine and culturally North American.

    What this means is, it’s less about race and more to do with culture… for me at least. I can guarantee you that if you go to an Asian country and do this study, Asian gay men will prefer other Asian gay men over any other ethnicity. It has more to do with where you feel you fit in the best.

    1. You’ve been brainwashed by the media. We all grew up here the same in North America, but if most gay Asians, like in this post, is racist towards their own kind, that shows something wrong with their mentality. You name it. Regardless, even in Asia they are still racist to their own kind. Skin color still plays a role in Asia as well.

  13. This guy seems very bitter about his own sexual life and project that onto pseudo (fake) sociological discussions. And this is all too common among great many social studies majors and their wannabes griping about their poor social life and banal desires. Iis certainly true that any ethnic group has its own hang ups and can be more properly educated. But this guy’s own jealous biases and banal desires are equally palpable throughout the blog.

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