Dear Gays, please stop picking on florists

Gay Couples Sue Florists

As gay marriage becomes legal across the country, gay couples have started suing florists, bakeries, photographers and anybody else who refuses to do business with them. Even churches aren’t safe.

After all, we’re now equal under the law, so if a florist, baker, or photographer is going to cater to a straight wedding, they should be equally welcoming of gays, right? Continue reading Dear Gays, please stop picking on florists

Asian vs White Parents – Gay Edition

Asian vs White Parents Gay Edition

There are huge differences between Asian vs White parents but nowhere is it more apparent than how they treat gay children.

Although gay Asians growing up in the West have access to the same cultural amenities as their white peers, their parents are an entirely different matter.

Take, for example, coming out to Asian vs White parents. Continue reading Asian vs White Parents – Gay Edition

5 Signs a Gay White Man is a Rice Queen

Gay Asians Rice Queens
A typical rice queen has many bowls of rice vying for his attention

A rice queen is both a friend and a foe for the gay Asian man. On one hand he represents the opportunity to be with a white man, something so many gay Asians crave. On the other hand, due to the fundamental imbalance in the Asian-White dating market, a relationship is unlikely to last. Continue reading 5 Signs a Gay White Man is a Rice Queen

Gay Asians Should Boycott HBO’s Looking

As a gay Asian man I’m outraged at HBO’s Looking and I’m calling for a boycott of the show by all self-respecting gay Asian men.

No Gay Asians in Looking HBO
No Gay Asian main characters in HBO’s Looking

Why should gay Asian men boycott HBO’s Looking

Where is Looking set? San Francisco.

What percentage of San Francisco is Asian? 33.3%

And how many of Looking’s main characters are Asian? Zero.

I can forgive Looking’s creators for lot of things – the contrived dialogue or the way they make San Francisco’s MUNI look like the New York Subway. I mean, you have to take a few liberties to make a show interesting. Continue reading Gay Asians Should Boycott HBO’s Looking

The Asian vs White Grindr experiment: Why it’s great to be White!

Who doesn’t like being a hot white guy? You’re pretty much a Greek god in the gay community and there really isn’t anybody you can’t get. For others, you often find “no asians, no blacks” in dating profiles, which shows how racist and white-centric gay dating can be.

You see, there’s a totem pole of races in the gay community, with white people at the very top. It sorta goes like this: White, Latino (honorary whites), Mixed, Asian, Black, Indian, etc. This hierarchy is responsible for all kinds of phenomena in the gay world. Take, for example, the fact that Asian-White couples often consist of an older white guy with a younger Asian. Or at the very least, an Asian who’s substantially more attractive than his white counterpart. It’s never the other way around.

The bias extends to pop culture. When was the last time you saw an Asian Abercrombie model? All of the main characters on Queer as Folk were white. Heck, all the main characters in the latest HBO gay drama Looking are white even though the show is set in San Francisco where a third of gays are Asian. And of course, how can we forget about gay porn?

And so I wanted to find out for myself what every gay Asian knows – no matter how hot or young you are, you’ll suffer the inevitable Asian “discount” that’s applied when you hit the dating/hookup market. What better way than on the most shameless, unapologetic, and narcissistic venue: Grindr.

The Asian vs. White Grindr Experiment

Asian white profile picture Asian white profile picture

Who’s hotter? Continue reading The Asian vs White Grindr experiment: Why it’s great to be White!